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My Pilates Journey

Welcome! My name is Buffy Strober and I am the owner and sole instructor at EVOLVE.  I have been practicing Pilates in all shapes and forms for 10 years.  After spinal surgery left me with irreversible nerve damage, I was forced to find new ways to exercise. Having been a runner, tennis player, skier, and general exercise enthusiast, the realization that I could no longer run and use my leg as I always had was a challenge for me both emotionally and physically. I was introduced to Pilates and found I was able not only to gain strength and increase cardio ability but also found Pilates as a source of calm in my day.  I took privates, larger classes, and smaller classes. I took mat sessions. I loved them all.  Through it all, reformer work has remained my passion. 


After 8 years as a student, and an "empty nest" looming on the horizon as my youngest prepared to head off to college, I had the opportunity to complete the Balanced Body training program. 


It brings me true joy to see clients gain strength, confidence, tone, and flexibility through our work together.  


Hope to see you in the studio soon!




“Change happens through movement  a nd movement heals.”


-- Joseph Pilates

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